First Circuit Court of Appeal Overturns State Police Fine Schedule

Bankston & Associates, representing a towing and storage facility, successfully challenged the operations of State Police in imposing fines on those who conduct towing and storage businesses in Louisiana. In a unanimous decision, the First Circuit Court of Appeal determined the Schedule of Fines utilized by State Police and set forth in Louisiana Administrative Code 55:I.1907(A)(4) to be invalid due to an unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority to the Office of State Police. The First Circuit Court of Appeal enjoined State Police from further enforcement of the fines.

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LA Supreme Court Strikes Down Statutes as an Illegal Legislative Delegation

Bankston & Associates, representing a group of rice farmer challenged the operations of the Louisiana Rice Research and Promotion Boards.  In a unanimous decision the Supreme Court struck down sections of the law, holding that the legislature illegally delegated authority to the Boards.

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